FAQs for submitting your paper and video

We had some common questions coming in on Twitter and thought we’d share them here with everyone. Please use the comments section below to post any other questions you might have. We’ll keep updating this post as new questions come in. Make sure to also check the earlier news update on How to submit your paper.

Do we need to publish our final video on our blog?

No, but it’s a very good idea to post the video on your blog, as it helps us to keep track of them, and gives us a fallback if the reference in your paper should be broken (e.g. because of a copy and paste, or spelling error).

Do we need to publish our paper on the blog?

No, you don’t have to publish your paper on your blog. But you are free to link to it, if you’d like to.

Do we need to send our paper also via email or Twitter?

No, you just need to submit your paper (with the references to your blog and video) on Easychair, that’s all. You should get an auto-response from Easychair confirming your submission.

Is there a particular filename we should use for naming our paper?

It actually doesn’t matter what you name your file, since Easychair automatically renames the file when you submit it.

The paper template has only space for two authors, do we need to list all?

Yes, you should list all the members from your team as authors. The best way to do this is to just make that section a one-column area and write all the names as a comma-separated list, e.g.: Team member 1, Team member 2, Team member 3; followed by the affiliation (your university) etc.

Our video is still rendering… what do we do?

Since we know that rendering your video can take more time that you’d think (hope), we are giving everyone an additional 30 minutes to complete your submission. Make sure though to have your paper submitted on Easychair as soon as possible. You can then resubmit another version with the correct link to your video. If you think you won’t be able to get your paper with video link in by 10.30am (AEST), please email us!