Why mini-challenges?

We’ve changed the goal of the mini-challenges this year. We’re now running three focused challenges, each of which is designed to get you thinking about this that will help you write your paper, or create your video.

You do not have to do the mini-challenges, but they are a good idea for you to at least think about, as it will help you with your final submission.

Have fun!
Admiral Dolphin

Admiral Dolphin: Who am I?

I was asked to give a quick bio about myself. After finishing the first eight volumes of Encyclopaedia Admiralae Dolphinus I was told to make something a bit more focussed to the challenge.

My job during all this is to make your life during the challenge a little easier, and hopefully a little bit more fun. Throughout the 24 hours I will be passing out mini-challenges, some more serious than others… as well as offering helpful little tips and tricks.
If you get stuck, confused or bored and distracted, come to me and we’ll see what I can do!

Good Luck
His Most splendiferous Dolphin Dolphin Third of His Name.
Admiral of The Fleet, Grand Duke of the Waves, Knight Commander of the Order of the Sloth.

Admiral Dolphin Painting

Mini-challenge 1: References

Tell us about your top reference or two, along with a couple sentences on why you think they’re cool. They can be academic, white-paper, or just a reputable blog post.

Write an entry on your team blog with your response to this challenge. In the spirit of crowdsourcing knowledge you could make this a public post, but you can also choose to make it a private post so it doesn’t show up on your news feed, if you are worried it might give anything away about your idea.

Please send us the link either via Twitter, email or post it in the comments section of this news entry.

The 2013 OzCHI student design challenge is on its way

The 2013 edition of the OzCHI student design challenge has officially started! For the next 24 hours 221 students across 53 teams will be working feverishly around the world to solve this year’s challenge: to design the future of email!

We sent an email with the brief to all the students participating in the challenge. If your team didn’t receive this email, it means we don’t have your email address – please contact us at sdc@ozchi.org.

The OzCHI student design challenge is brought to you by OzCHI, CHISIG and HFESA.

A checklist of things to set up before we get started

While you are waiting for the design brief to be published on Saturday at 10am (AEST), we thought we’ll share some important things that you should have ready and plan ahead for, so you don’t run out of time later when you are right into the challenge.

Set up your team blog
Make sure to submit the link to your blog via this survey. Without the link to your blog our judges won’t be able to review your design process.

Create an account on Easychair
At the end of the 24 hours you will have to submit a 2-page paper and a video via Easychair (more details to follow at 10am AEST). Make sure to set up an Easychair account now already, so you are ready to log in and submit when it gets to crunch time!

Sort out your video account
If you don’t have a video account already, better set one up now. We recommend using Vimeo.com, but you can also use any other services like YouTube.com etc.

Leave enough time for rendering and uploading your video
Don’t start too late with the production of your video. Cutting, rendering and exporting videos can take up a lot of time. So plan ahead. Also uploading to free Vimeo and YouTube accounts can be slow. If you are short on time, you can submit a smaller version via Easychair together with your 2-page paper. Don’t forget to embed your video on your team blog as well, even if that’s a few minutes after the challenge has officially ended. It’s important that your submission is submitted to Easychair on time.

So far so good… We’ll be back in a bit under 9 hours.