Mini-challenge 2: Music Video

Every year teams underestimate how long their video submission will take to create and then upload.

So for your second challenge, you’re going to have some fun while exploring the magical world of video editing! Your team needs to make a 30–60 second music video. It can be any music style you like, so long as your team is part of the performance.

The video can be as simple or as complex as you wish, but since this is practice for your submission (and thus a chance to see what can go wrong) here are some things you may want to play with:

  • voice overs and/or multiple audio tracks
  • transitions
  • text
  • embedding images with video
  • render quality and times
  • uploading
  • having fun 😉

Your video submissions will be due at 2230 (10.30 p.m.) AEST. You can either embed the videos on your blog, or just provide a link to where it’s hosted (our preference is youtube).