Second Mini-Challenge Results

Oh my,

I was having a relaxing evening in my drawing room when I get a call, I was needed to judge the videos for the second mini challenge and what a challenge it was. I immediately finished my scotch and got right to work.

Despite a great number of astounding entries the winner was the brilliant, and just a little scary, Sons of Ive for their tribute to the one and only Hoff!

I must say the competition was fierce and I have to give two honorary mentions, one to Team Kingsloths in Space for their brilliant editing, and to Team Pentagon for their fantastic use of camera and screen.

The other excellent entries are:

Truly mind-bogglingly great work. For this challenge I kindly extended my flippers out to the late teams, but for the final submission you won’t be so lucky. Make sure you leave time for editing, voice-over, compression and upload!

Good luck with the rest of the challenge

His Most splendiferous Dolphin Dolphin, Third of His Name.
Admiral of The Fleet, Grand Duke of the Waves, Knight Commander of the Order of the Sloth.