Mini Challenge 1

We will be running a series of mini-challenges that are designed to give you some direction and help you reach your milestones. While completing them will help you create your video and paper, they will not have a direct impact on your final result and they are definitely not mandatory!

We expect to announce the other mini-challenges at 6pm and midnight Australian AEST time.

Welcome to the first mini challenge for the OzCHI Student Design Challenge 2015.

You’ve had a couple of hours to think about it, so now we’d like you to tell us what you think about the challenge.

Your task is to create a picture which summarises your understanding of the design problem that your team will be addressing. You can include words, photos, icons, arrows, dolphins … anything that you think will make the problem clearer.

You have two hours*

*it was going to be one, but the Internet is out in our building until 3pm. Lucky for you!

There will be PRIZES! for the winning team. Also, bragging rights.

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