How to submit in 2016!

Your main deliverables this year are your paper and video. You should also keep your online journal (blog) up to date, showing off your OzCHI24 journey. Anything you can’t fit in the paper but think is important should be posted on your blog. When the reviewers needs clarification on your paper or video they will look in your blog, so remember to use references where applicable.

For the paper follow this year’s paper writing guide found here. The template for SIGCHI Extended Abstract format can be downloaded here. Please include a link to your blog and video in your paper’s references.

Before the challenge finishes we will publish a post here with an embedded form allowing you to upload your paper (you must submit both Microsoft Word and PDF versions), as well as provide links to your blog, video, and mini-challenges. When you name your your word and pdf files you need to include your Team ID at the start of the filenames, e.g. 2016000.docx or 2016000_teamOzCHIxyz_version123.pdf. When submitting through the form you must enter your Team ID correctly so that we can match your submission to your team. Remember your Team ID is the series of numbers assigned to you by us and can be found here.

We would prefer it if your team only submits once, but should you find a compelling reason to resubmit, do so. When assessing your team, we will only look at your most recent submission. If you have any problems submitting, or need to inform us of an issue please email if you need any help.