Welcome to the OzCHI Student Design Challenge 2017

Welcome to the OzCHI Student Design Challenge 2017!

The challenge brief will relate to this year’s conference theme of Human-Nature. This theme highlights both the need for socio-technical systems which bring out our better human nature, and the need to better engage people with the natural environment in which we live in order that we understand, appreciate and learn to live in harmony with nature and the wonders it holds.

Registration is open here
The 24 hour challenge period will take place from 12- 13 August, 2017 AEST.

For more information about this year’s competition including the Challenge format and registration information, check out the About page. Watch this space for hints and resources to help you prepare for the Challenge!

This year’s SDC Committee are Jennyfer Lawrence Taylor, Diego Muñoz Sáez, Shannon Rodgers and Tara Capel from Queensland University of Technology. We look forward to your participation in the Challenge!