Meet the Committee


lobster2Jen is the Chair of the OzCHI Student Design Challenge 2017 and has been busy reading your posts, responding to your emails, and coordinating all things OzCHI24. She is a PhD Student at the Queensland University of Technology in the area of participatory, cross-cultural design. Jen’s team ‘The Normans’ from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, won OzCHI24 in 2015.

Jen’s favourite part of OzCHI24: “OzCHI24 was a fantastic learning opportunity, and I enjoyed gaining experience in a wide range of different design activities within the 24 hour period. Attending the OzCHI conference as a finalist and networking with the OzCHI community was important for my career development as I met my PhD supervisor and colleagues there.”

What Jen learnt from OzCHI24: “Design is not linear. While the phases of the Double Diamond could be interpreted as ‘steps’ in the design process, design is much messier in practice. We backtracked, skipped forward, revisited previous steps, and engaged in different phases concurrently as need and time constraints demanded.”

Tips for this year’s teams:

Make sure you take some breaks, stay hydrated, and eat something green between all the caffeine and sugar hits 😉


Diego is a member of the Committee of the OzCHI Student Design Challenge 2017 and is managing the submission system and the OzCHI24 website this year. He is a PhD Student at the Queensland University of Technology in Human Computer Interaction, studying the changes in the dynamics of the relationship between parents and children after children leave home. Diego was a contestant on 2016, as a member of ‘The Global Gang’ team.

Diego considers that “OzCHI24 Challenge is an excellent opportunity to experience the complete design and writing process in an extremely short period of time. The 24 hour period can bring the best of yourself in many facets: from analysing how to solve a problem to how to work as a team.”

What Diego learnt from OzCHI24: “Even if you do not get into the finalists, there are plenty of positive things you can get from the challenge. For me, it is very important to have a good communication with your team, and to listen to everyone’s thoughts and ideas.”

Tips for this year’s teams:

Eat well, take time to rest, and enjoy the experience!


Shannon is a committee member for this year’s OzCHI24 challenge, and is also an undergraduate student from the Queensland University of Technology, studying a bachelor of Information Technology and majoring in Computer Science. Her interest in HCI began in 2015 when she decided to take a minor in HCI, learning various research and design methods. Subsequently, Shannon developed an interest in sleep technologies, and now works as a Research Assistant at QUT in her spare time, focusing on adolescents and their sleep patterns and lifestyle.

Shannon’s team ‘Doppio’ was shortlisted in the 2016 OzCHI24 challenge, she felt that the challenge was beneficial to her development in HCI. Her favourite thing about the challenge was working with a group of passionate people, with the ability to share knowledge with each other and develop new skills whilst applying her current skills to produce a meaningful solution. She was also intrigued to see how much work her team was capable of within 24 hours, and was pleasantly surprised.

Shannon’s advice for the challenge:

Be imaginative, and don’t forget to take care of yourself during the 24 hours! Sleeping is completely fine, we advise it.