Mini Challenge 1: Brainstorming

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You’ve known what the Challenge brief is for a few hours now, so it’s time to put your understanding to work with Mini Challenge 1: Brainstorming!

Step 1: Brainstorm about the following prompt (to get you thinking!):

Tell us about the last time you ‘shared’ something with someone

Think about:

  • What the word ‘sharing’ means in your example
  • What types of interactions were facilitated by sharing something
  • How technology was positioned (or not?) in the sharing
  • The outcomes for the people directly involved in the sharing, and for the broader community

Step 2: After your brainstorming process, please create a visualisation of your response to the prompt

The visualisation can take any form you choose, including a rich picture, a diagram, or a mind map.

Step 3: To submit your mini challenge entry, publish it on your team blog and post a comment here with the URL to your entry.

Mini Challenge 1 is due in one hour at 1PM AEST.

The mini challenges are optional but will support your progress in the competition (and we will send certificates to the winning mini challenge team!)

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