Mini Challenge 3 Results!

Dear Challengers,

The judges have truly impressed by the quality and creativity of your storyboards, well done to all the teams with successful submissions! We have thoroughly reviewed your storyboards and have finally come to a decision based on the criteria of the clarity of use scenario (demonstrates a real need and how this is addressed through design), what people will use the technology and how, and how creative and interesting is the storyboard.

The winner of the mini challenge 3 goes to Team Experiators! Your storyboard shows a clear and very nice example of sharing experiences and interactions through technology. The runners-up areĀ The Frech Team. Honourable Mentions go to The Bridge, Elemelons 2.0 and Why See Design. There were a lot of fantastic submissions this time, and it was hard to narrow down the winning teams. Thank you to all teams who submitted!

Congratulations to everyone and good luck with your Final Challenge Submission!