Mini Challenge 3: Storyboards

Hopefully at this stage of the challenge, you are starting to get an idea in mind for your final design intervention.

In this challenge you will be tasked with developing a use scenario for your design concept and reflecting on the types of interactions and experiences that are generated through this design intervention, presented as a series of 3-5 storyboards.

The storyboards will help you have an idea for the creation of the video you need to do for the final submission.

Step 1: Think of a concrete use scenario for your design concept (even if this is not the final version of your design intervention, or the idea that you choose for your final submission).

Step 2: Draw a sequence of 3-5 graphical storyboards that illustrate the use of your design concept, and provide us with information about:

  • The use context
  • The people using the design
  • The interactions and experiences of using the design
  • Any positive or negative implications of the design concept for individuals, the community, and the environment

Your storyboards can be drawn using any visual style (e.g. photographs with text and speech bubbles, sketches, cartoons etc).

This resource may help: Pedell, Sonja. “Picture scenarios: An extended scenario-based method for mobile appliance design.” Ozchi 2004. Wollongong, Australia (2004).

Please use the left hand side of the table to explain your storyboards (if required), and the right hand side for the visuals.

Step 3: To submit your mini challenge entry, publish it on your team blog and post a comment here with the URL to your entry.

Mini Challenge 3 is due to 10PM AEST.

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