2014 presentations are just two days away!

OzCHI 2014 officially starts today with workshops and the Doctoral Consortium. On Thursday afternoon the four finalist teams (Kingsloths in Space, Ninjas, Team Apophenia, The Whimsicals) will be presenting their work at an OzCHI plenary session!

Thanks to generous contributions by the OzCHI 2014 Conference, HFESA, and FoodCHI/QUT Urban Informatics, each team was offered a travel scholarship providing two OzCHI student tickets, and up to 1500 AUD in reimbursements (for those traveling from outside of NSW, Australia).

Update on Judging for 2014

Just a quick update, we were hoping to have the results ready today, but we’ve been having some technical issues with EasyChair. This has delayed us so much that we’ve only just starting getting reviews back from the paper committee. We will have all but a handful of reviews ready by the weekend, but we can’t announce until all the reviews are in. So while we hope to have them to you before then, the results probably wont’t be ready until early next week.

Sorry for the delay.
Matt and Jaz.

OzCHI24 2014 ended…a while ago

It has just been brought to my attention the automated ‘Another OzCHI24 Complete’ post did in fact not post! Indeed it seems to have disappeared all together…

So just as a quick update, we’re now hard at work reviewing all the submissions and hope to get them back to you all soon. When one of us get’s a moment we’ll rewrite the missing post, but in the mean time, well done everyone!

Papers, templates and too many authors?

A couple of teams have asked that since the template only has provision for two authors, how should they format their paper to deal with 3–5 team members. Have a look at this student paper from last year. The text box was reduced to having just one cell, and then a common information such as the University and email domain was grouped. The one change we should have suggested the team make was to include a little bit more information about the University (such as its address and country).

How to submit in 2014!

Remember to keep your blog up to date with all the juicy details of your OzCHI adventure. Anything you can’t fit in the paper but think is important should be posted on your blog. When the review panel needs clarification on your paper or video they will look in your blog, so remember to use references where applicable.

For the paper follow this year’s paper writing guide found here. As you are writing your paper (making sure to use the OzCHI paper template), you should upload it to Easychair. If you don’t have an Easychair account, you can sign up by registering a new account. We strongly recommend that you create your EasyChair accounts now!

You may submit multiple versions of your paper (and it’s probably a good idea in case something goes wrong). If you have multiple versions on EasyChair the last submitted paper is the version that will be reviewed.

Here is a a step-by-step guide for successfully submitting your paper:

  1. Once you are logged in, click on ‘New Submission’ in the menu bar.
  2. Check to make sure you are in the ‘(OzCHI24 Student Design Competition)’ track
  3. Fill in first name, last name, email address, country, and organisation (your university) for each of the members in your team.
  4. Tick the ‘corresponding author’ box for the member in your team that will handle all the correspondence for your team; we will send out the feedback and results from the judging process to this author.
  5. Enter the title and abstract for your paper – these should be the same as in your actual paper (if necessary you can update this later)
  6. Enter at least three keywords (one per line) that describe your submission, for example the keywords might be: email, communication, task management. (if necessary you can update this later)
  7. Upload your paper (ideally as PDF) by clicking on the ‘Choose file’ button.
  8. Click the ‘Submit’ button at the very end of the page and wait for the upload process to be completed.

When you need to submit a new version of your paper, in EasyChair click on your ‘Submission #’ on the title bar, which will take you into a details page for your submission. Then to upload the new version, click the ‘Upload a new version’ link in the menu on the top right corner. From the same menu on the submission details page, you can also update your author information and paper details (title and abstract and keywords).

Remember to include a link to your blog and video in your references. It’s through your references that the review panel will be able to check your final video, so make sure you’ve uploaded the video and gotten it’s URL early enough to include it as a reference!

Email or Tweet us should you have any issues!

Second Mini-Challenge Results

Oh my,

I was having a relaxing evening in my drawing room when I get a call, I was needed to judge the videos for the second mini challenge and what a challenge it was. I immediately finished my scotch and got right to work.

Despite a great number of astounding entries the winner was the brilliant, and just a little scary, Sons of Ive for their tribute to the one and only Hoff!

I must say the competition was fierce and I have to give two honorary mentions, one to Team Kingsloths in Space for their brilliant editing, and to Team Pentagon for their fantastic use of camera and screen.

The other excellent entries are:

Truly mind-bogglingly great work. For this challenge I kindly extended my flippers out to the late teams, but for the final submission you won’t be so lucky. Make sure you leave time for editing, voice-over, compression and upload!

Good luck with the rest of the challenge

His Most splendiferous Dolphin Dolphin, Third of His Name.
Admiral of The Fleet, Grand Duke of the Waves, Knight Commander of the Order of the Sloth.