Update on Judging #2

The saga continues! We have finally recieved all the reviews and are in the process of collating the results. Unfortunately given how long it has taken for the reviews to be returned to us, some of the key people in the OzCHI24 committee are now engaged in other activities (overseas with problematic internet) and are somewhat unavalible. We will try and remidy this shortly.

We again apologise for the delay
The OzCHI24 committee.

Update on Judging

In what seems to have become an unfortunate tradition with OzCHI24, we have encountered some issues during the review process.

We hope to have the situation remidied shortly and are planning to announce the finalists next Wednesday.

We apologise for the delay
The OzCHI24 committee.

Congratulations and Well Done!

Thank you everyone for all your hard work! It’s been wonderful seeing all your ideas take shape. Unfortunately that’s it, we’ve reached the end of the 24 hour challenge for 2016.

Our reviewers will be assessing the entries over the next 3 weeks and we are aiming to announce the finalists on 23 September, 2016.

Meanwhile we encourage you to browse the team blogs and take a look at the range of excellent submissions to this year’s challenge!

Upload filesize limit increased

The file size limit for the submission form has been increased to 10MB. Please resubmit (as soon as possible) if you found the original size limit too constraining.

OzCHI24 Final Challenge Submission Form

Fill out the embedded form below to submit your work for OzCHI24 2016. If for some reason the form does not appear, try refreshing the page or opening this post in a new window.

Please remember when you name your your word and pdf files you need to include your Team ID at the start of the filenames, e.g. 2016000.docx or 2016000_teamOzCHIxyz_version123.pdf

Mini Challenge 3: Results!

Dear Challengers,

The judges have truly impressed by the quality and creativity of your videos, well done to All the teams with successful video submissions! We have thoroughly reviewed your videos and have finally come to a decision based on the criteria of the clarity of use scenario (demonstrates a real need and how this is addressed through design), emotions and concerns of elder users, and how creative and interesting of the video.

The winner of the mini challenge 3 goes to Leeroy Jenkins based on the overall quality of the video especially the clarity of concept explanation. The runners-up are Team Quintuple and Black Box. Honourable Mentions go to VIT IT coders and Team 4.

There were a lot of fantastic submissions this time, and it was hard to narrow down the winning teams. Thank you to all teams who submitted videos!

Congratulations to everyone and good luck with your Final Challenge Submission!

Meet the Committee – Stephen and Rui


Dr Stephen Wang is a practicing designer and academic focused on MedTech application development, he is not only a leading researcher in the field of entrepreneurship and innovative design, but also a studio-based designer. Following the industry transformation in this decade, such hybrid knowledge structure and experience across industry and the academic world becomes more crucial than ever for industry-oriented innovation research. He earned his PhD from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2005, M.Eng from RMIT, MA from Tama Art Univeristy (Japan), and his BA from Tsinghua University (China) in 1998. His research efforts focus on non-traditional and industry/real-world related innovative design practices, such as patents, commissioned design projects and curating exhibitions. Before this position, Wang had worked in Tokyo as an Interaction and User Experience Designer across several Japanese leading design firms.


Dr. Rui Wang is the winner of the very first OzCHI student online design competition when she was an M.Phil student at the Design Lab, University of Sydney in 2009. She then completed her Ph.D in UNSW Australia. Rui is now a research fellow at the IDeEA Lab, Deakin University with research focus on interdisciplinary design, serious games and VR technology.