OzCHI Student Design Challenge 2017 Finalists

Thank you again for participating in the OzCHI Student Design Challenge. Well done to all the teams for submitting a wide range of interesting responses to the Challenge Brief, Design for Sharing.

We reviewed 28 excellent submissions, and had the difficult choice of selecting 3 finalist teams. We are excited to announce that the three finalist teams (in no particular order) are:

  • Team Experiators from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India
  • The FRECH Team from Rhine-Waal University, Germany
  • Team Hackalacaboomboom from National Institute of Design, India

The finalist submissions can be viewed using the following links to the team blogs:

Congratulations to our finalists! They will receive a travel scholarship to attend the OzCHI Conference in Brisbane, Australia in December and present their entry for final judging to select an overall winner. All finalist teams have been sent an email with further instructions.

We are also excited to announce that we have the following prizes to award at the conference:

  • Each member of the winning team will receive a Raspberry Pi Kit, generously donated by our sponsor Element14
  • Each member of the team in second place will receive a HCI related textbook, generously donated by our sponsor Rosenfeld Media
  • Each member of the team in third place will receive a small gift voucher.

All finalist team members will be presented with a hard copy certificate at the conference. Mini challenge winners will be emailed electronic certificates.

Thank you again for participating, and we look forward to seeing you again next year in the OzCHI Student Design Challenge 2018.

OzCHI24 Feedback Survey 2017

We would appreciate your feedback on the competition, particularly things that you enjoyed and anything you think we should improve on. We are very keen to hear both from teams who finished the challenge, and others who chose to leave the challenge early (or did not participate at all beyond registering) so that we can make the Challenge even bigger and better for next year!

Congratulations and Well Done!

Thank you everyone for all your hard work! It’s been wonderful seeing your progress during the challenge. We have reached the end of the 24 hour challenge for 2017.

Our reviewers will be assessing the entries over the next weeks and we are aiming to announce the finalists on 6 October 2017.

We encourage you to browse the team blogs and take a look at the excellent submissions to this year’s challenge!

Submission reminder – 1 hour left!

Hey Challengers! The time for submitting your work is coming to an end. Please remember that you only have until Sun 10AM AEST to submit your paper.

Please check the submission guidelines in the Challenge Brief (Section 4. Submission), and remember to also include the link to your video in your paper’s references!

Mini Challenge 3 Results!

Dear Challengers,

The judges have truly impressed by the quality and creativity of your storyboards, well done to all the teams with successful submissions! We have thoroughly reviewed your storyboards and have finally come to a decision based on the criteria of the clarity of use scenario (demonstrates a real need and how this is addressed through design), what people will use the technology and how, and how creative and interesting is the storyboard.

The winner of the mini challenge 3 goes to Team Experiators! Your storyboard shows a clear and very nice example of sharing experiences and interactions through technology. The runners-up are The Frech Team. Honourable Mentions go to The Bridge, Elemelons 2.0 and Why See Design. There were a lot of fantastic submissions this time, and it was hard to narrow down the winning teams. Thank you to all teams who submitted!

Congratulations to everyone and good luck with your Final Challenge Submission!

We are back!

Hello OzCHI24-ers! We are now getting to the final stage of this challenge! Bring all of your writing skills to make a wonderful paper after all the hard work you have done.

We are now available again to answer your questions on email and Twitter

We are now off-the-air!

Hey Challengers! We are now off-the-air. We will be back in 5 more hours, and will reply to any questions you send us through Twitter and Email.

Keep up the good work!

Mini Challenge 3: Storyboards

Hopefully at this stage of the challenge, you are starting to get an idea in mind for your final design intervention.

In this challenge you will be tasked with developing a use scenario for your design concept and reflecting on the types of interactions and experiences that are generated through this design intervention, presented as a series of 3-5 storyboards.

The storyboards will help you have an idea for the creation of the video you need to do for the final submission.

Step 1: Think of a concrete use scenario for your design concept (even if this is not the final version of your design intervention, or the idea that you choose for your final submission).

Step 2: Draw a sequence of 3-5 graphical storyboards that illustrate the use of your design concept, and provide us with information about:

  • The use context
  • The people using the design
  • The interactions and experiences of using the design
  • Any positive or negative implications of the design concept for individuals, the community, and the environment

Your storyboards can be drawn using any visual style (e.g. photographs with text and speech bubbles, sketches, cartoons etc).

This resource may help: Pedell, Sonja. “Picture scenarios: An extended scenario-based method for mobile appliance design.” Ozchi 2004. Wollongong, Australia (2004).

Please use the left hand side of the table to explain your storyboards (if required), and the right hand side for the visuals.

Step 3: To submit your mini challenge entry, publish it on your team blog and post a comment here with the URL to your entry.

Mini Challenge 3 is due to 10PM AEST.

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Quick reminder about the problem

Hi Everyone!

You have done an awesome job on Mini Challenges 1 and 2, and we are really looking forward to seeing your Mini Challenges 3 and the paper/video of your final submissions.

We would like to remind you that the focus of this year’s challenge is to design for sharing, i.e. to facilitate interactions and experiences around the definitions of sharing that you have constructed as a team.

Good luck in the rest of the challenge!