The Challenge has finished. This year’s brief can be found here. This year’s results can be found here.

About OzCHI24

OzCHI24 is an annual international student design competition run as part of the OzCHI conference. Since its inception in 2009 the competition has grown to attract 226 participants, forming 62 teams from 10 different countries (in a single year). Students participating in the competition are coming from a diverse range of fields, including interaction design, human-computer interaction, computer science, architecture and humanities.

The 2014 OzCHI student design competition will take place 20–21 September 2014, starting on 20 September at 10am (AEST) and concluding on 21 September 2014 at 10am (AEST).

What to expect

OzCHI24 is an intense, but fun competition that will run you off your feet! Your goal is to design something. Don’t panic! We will provide your team with a brief at the start of the challenge, which will include information on what you will be designing, some background reading, helpful hints, and what we expect you to do. You will have 24-hours to create your design, write your paper, maintain your blog and shoot/produce your video! Have a look over the previous years in the Archive for examples of briefs and submissions.

Once again Admiral Dolphin and his OzCHI24 ‘Award-Winning’ Veterans from UTAS will be running mini-challenges, putting up guides and answering your questions throughout the challenge. Keep an eye on the news and twitter feeds during the challenge.

So, go find some friends and get ready to enter! And don’t worry if you have a small team, some of the most successful groups were small! Have fun!

Hack Hac Ac Ackk
[Once more unto the breach…]
—Admiral Dolphin


20–21 September: 24-hour challenge takes place online around the world
8 October: Finalists are announced
2–5 December: Finalist presentations during OzCHI in Sydney (Australia)


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OzCHI24 is pleased to announce that we will once again be offering finalist teams travel scholarships to present their work at OzCHI in Sydney. These scholarships are being supported by HFESA, OzCHI and FoodCHI.

This year four teams will be awarded scholarships. Each scholarship will include up to 1500AUD in travel reimbursements and two OzCHI Student Conference tickets!